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Quadruple Grand Champion Barsadolls Therapy Trolling Jasper



Jasper is the son of my Champion Gracie and Darrius, and he is an amazing cat !
Jasper and I are members of the Delta Society, Paws 4 Healing. We had to go through special training and testing to qualify to be in this organization.  Every week Jasper joins other animals and visits  Hospitals, Rest Homes, and other precious people with various disabilities.  He brings love and smiles to people that love animals, but can no longer have an animal of their own. 

Working as a Therapy Cat visiting people who enjoy loving an animal, even when they can no longer have a pet.

I also show Jasper and he has earned the title of Quadruple Grand Champion!  


Jasper is a fantastic pet for our family, and brings abundant joy to others.

I am retiring Jasper from the show hall, so he can concentrate on his therapy work. He has worked very hard and I am so very proud of my SPECIAL BOY!!!!

Grand Champion Barsadolls Sir Eli Fire On Ice".

Sir Eli is now going to school with me as my library cat.  He sits on my desk and enjoys the pats and smiles from all of the students checking out books.

Eli also visits people in nursing homes, adult day care, and hospice, and enjoys every minute of the time he spends with these precious people.

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